Q.1: What is Woods Residency Project ?

Ans: It is a closed campus group housing project.


Q.2: What is the concept of the Woods Residency project ?

Ans: There is a few colonies in which you can buy a plot and construct your dream house in a campus. And Woods Residency is one of them where you can live with satisfaction.


Q.3: Why should I Purchase a plot in Woods Residency ?

Ans: Builders developed their projects according to themselves and Charged unaffordable rates.


Q.4: What is the payment plan for purchase of Plot?

Ans: Its in Installment Mode.


Q.5: What are the formalities to be completed after making full payment of a plot?

Ans: Registry of Sale Deed of plot and registration of Owner in society.


Q.6: What are the Strong points to invest in Woods Residency project ?

Ans: Get the return Double in Three Years.


Q.7: Is financial institutions approving your venture ?

Ans: Yes.


Q.8: If we want to purchase consecutive plots, is it possible ?

Ans: Yes.


Q.9: If I purchase more than one plot, will there any discount on plot cost ?

Ans: No.


Q.10: I want to purchase Plot in your venture, what are the payment modes available for me?

Ans: Please Contact our Team.


Q.11: If I have to pay by Cheque / DD, in whose favor the Cheque / DD should be forwarded ?

Ans: Shri Ji Awas Vikas Pvt. Ltd., Gwalior.


Q.12: I am in abroad, How can I reserve a plot ?

Ans: Just Give us a call.


Q13. Can we visit to view the site?

Ans: Yes.